216/365 Oven

216/365 Oven

today after work i had some kfc and watched some youtube with Kaleb
then i got to work on the Make Out photos from last night. it doesn’t take me long to do it anymore.
the only thing that takes me a while to do is crop every photo. the rest is all photoshop batch automates and saving them.
after i had them uploaded around seven thirty or eight my views started going crazy!
for some reason people on flickr love the Make Out photos. last week i hit over 1,300 views in one day (flickr Stats are shown in GMT so it’s midnight for them when it’s 7pm for me) so by seven tomorrow (a full 24 hours) who knows how many views i will hit!

UPDATE: the final view count for 08-05-10 was 4,296!

after i had the photos up i finally played some cod mw2! i haven’t played in at least a month and i really miss it haha so Kaleb and all our xbox friends played for a long time tonight. at first we were just private matching so i was playing pokemon some too since that gets a little boring sometimes.
i went ahead and took my photo at this point. nothing special just our oven.
after that Zach got on we finally played some real matches.
we ended up playing until about 3am when we were all getting very sleepy so we called it a night.

fact of the day:
The most pushups ever performed in one day was 46,001.

View On Black


taken 08-04-10
uploaded 08-04-10

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