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16 Thoughts to “[Concept] An egg distance tracker subsequent to coach portrait very similar to the buddy distance tracker.”

  1. I’d just appreciate something somewhere to show whether or not you have egg(s) incubating. I’m very brain lagged some times, and I’ll walk five miles and go OH CRAP! Egg! and start it incubating.

  2. so what happens when you have multiple eggs hatching?

  3. Another idea: Don’t hire me and my sub par MSpaint skills to do the artwork.

  4. I would prefer the egg one over the buddy one…

    Buddy candy is a nice bonus treat, whereas eggs are a valid means of getting good Pokemon.

  5. * When you are going to capture a pokemon, display how many candy you have and how many of that type you have
    * When you look at a pokemon in your pokebag, display how many you have too

    Lots of these QoL issues with the game…

  6. This would look super clunky and terrible if you are hatching multiple eggs.

  7. Good Quality of Life improvement I’ve seen suggested many times before. Still agree that it would be handy and useful to have.

  8. That would be helpful, especially if you are about to use a lucky egg. I guess with 1 egg display it would display the egg closet to hatching.

  9. I would LOVE that! Yes please niantic!

  10. great idea, not so great concept photo lol.

    a great alternative would be to wrap the xp bar around your trainer like buddy distance wraps around the buddy. then, move the buddy icon over a little so it is separate from your window, and add the egg like in your concept right below it. sort of like [the kingdom hearts 3 UI]( where the green around Sora is your xp (obviously would be a full circle), Goofy is your buddy, and Donald is your egg.

    then to add on top of that, maybe throw some kind of identifier to let you know you aren’t incubating

  11. yeah, i need 9 more circles on my screen.

  12. That’s how it looks on the Apple Watch. Well it just shows what’s going to hatch next. Buddy or egg. Not both.

  13. Or just tap to change between buddy and eggs?

  14. That’s rincon park. Isn’t it?

  15. or maybe a push message if you forget to select a egg.

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