Daily reminder: Remember to make raids previous two additional hours

– we can’t raid because of to work if raids end at 7pm
– there is no-one to raid with at 5am in the morning
– we are (even more) not able to get an EX raid move due to this limitation
– why did raid timings get “screwed up” about daylight cost savings time? Is it more durable to resolve than we think?
– may well we just know why this dilemma is getting ignored? Is there a straightforward explanation?
– …

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36 Thoughts to “Daily reminder: Remember to make raids previous two additional hours”

  1. 9 pm pls niantic ! We have a life.

  2. Id like raids start 2 hour later as well

  3. I can’t recall anyone where I am organising a legendary raid before 10AM yet, as there simply isn’t numbers and interest around.

    The few times I’ve been awake due to work I’ve seen legendary raids starting as early as 5AM. Its daft as its simply lost revenue for Niantic.

    If we had longer to play at night then logic would dictate that people would spend more money on passes. At the moment Niantic are hurting their revenue more than anything else by having stupid start times that no one hits. It amazes me that months into these raids they have yet to notice no one goes for the early raids.

  4. We can’t shut up about this. Keep emailing them about this issue every day.

  5. Yeah I’ve never wasted a single daily raid pass until this month where I’ve missed like 8. Can’t raid on a regular work schedule unless you get lucky during lunch hour…

  6. Why is there a specific time slot for raids anyway? Sorry if there is an easy answer I’m new to the game but why cant they just make raids available 24/7. I understand not many people would raid at midnight, but having it as an option would be much better then making people try to raid during work.

  7. Raids should start 2 hours later and end 2 hours later. Also raid eggs should be 30 minutes and raids 1 hour or 1.5 hour

  8. it’S not hard to fix IF you want it fixed, which they clearly don’t care about the slightest

  9. Early morning raids make no sense…there is no one to raid with at 5am. Not to mention that a lot of cities have noise bylaws that would make gathering in residential areas difficult before 7am as someone could file a noise complaint. Try tweeting at Niantic/pogo on twitter, a social media wave is more likely to get their attention than a Reddit post

  10. Yeah. Just shift the time by about two hours (and give us 1 hour raids again?)

  11. Early start is fine; I do a lot of easy solo raids before I get to work at 6:30 AM, and if there are big groups of early risers who want to do legendaries that early, that’s fine too. But they definitely need to extend the end time to like 10 PM.

    Or heck, make them 24 hours. Not everyone works “standard” hours, some people are insomniacs, late night weekend meetups, etc.

  12. Im fine with extending but early raids suit me, I start work at 6am and often do a raid on the way in.

    Where I am there seems to be no lack of players raiding first thing in the morning (other early starters or night shift workers) so I dont see any reason to take that time from us, but by all means make them go later so more people can enjoy

  13. I thought I was on the destiny Reddit and I saw the title and got really butthurt

  14. Please make raids longer but please do not make them start later! I am a person who does Raids at 6 oder 7am in the morning. I have to work all day and the morning is the only time I can raid. Who I raid with? We get groups of 10-20 people, some raid before work, other raid after their nightshift.

  15. I don’t understand this either. Over here, it’s still bright at 6pm. No one does raids as early as 5am. It’s still pitch dark at 5am and the public transport aren’t even working yet. =/ Most first trains and buses starts around 6:20am. I went out for a Lv5 raid at 5am once. I was alone in the dark, no one there to do it with me. They can start at 5am all they want, but please make it last 2-4 more hours. Most people in the city are outdoors around 7-10pm.

  16. Absolutely. Yesterday, there was no Ho-Oh raid after 5pm, and in fact there were only low level raids after 6pm. Everybody was poised to catch Ho-Oh, and most people are rather annoyed at the situation.

  17. Yes only people who can raid reguraly now are unemployed and students.

  18. > may we just know why this problem is getting ignored? Is there a simple explanation?


  19. Yep. Missed out on the final dog purely because it ends too early. I don’t always have time to play. Extending the end time by a few hours would change that completely.

  20. I’m so glad this point continues to be made. Personally, the Ho-Oh releases means nothing to me because I cannot get one anyway. I only got 1 Suicune at the very beginning of this month – before the DST raid time change. And I considered myself a committed player, level 34 with a completed pokedex. It’s unbelievable that Niantic continues to ignore their full-time working players who have the disposable income to pay for coins. How does this make any sense from a business perspective?

  21. totally with you, it gets more frustrating with the news about EX-passes and now HO-HO. I hardly ever can raid during weekends for several personal reason, i can’t raid during the week because of this comprehensive schedule. I can’t even find a Magicarp raid!

    I used to go for walk with some friends after diner and catch some Pokemon, now i play alone… only those who have flexible jobs, work night shifts (or have no job at all) still raid.

  22. I love early raids my raid group has a named for us early raiders #breakfastclub hell we did 3 level 5 raids and one level 4 raid before 8 am this morning

  23. SERIOUSLY!!! At the very least fix it for day light savings change. Who the heck is gonna raid at 7am!!??

  24. Even though I can’t play due to my work schedule and everyone being at work/school when I’m playing, this would be great.

  25. For wahyever reason Niantic doesn’t want us raiding when it’s dark out at night…

  26. also please make raids last 1 hr 30 isntead of 45 minutes. it takes me 20+ minutes to the inner city(even worse that raids are mostly done on the OTHER SIDE of my town) and during this season i cant just “chill out in a public park” like i could in summer …

  27. Agreed. I’ve shown up at a Legendary raid before work each morning, only to find nobody there. Usually it’s around 7:30am. Higher-tier raids before 9am are kind of pointless.

    I kinda wish they’d allow level 1 and 2 raids go 24/7. They won’t cause enough of a noise complaint or be tempting enough for people to risk their safety at night.

  28. Please add make all raids doable for 1 person.
    facebookgroups are dead, people are only indoors with this weather.
    if necessary lower the CP of the pokemon.

  29. same here bro +4GTM, we need that 2 hours to raids after work

  30. Exactly!! Or you have to be extremely lucky after work and not have to pick up kids or do groceries

  31. raid times are a joke, idk how niantic think those work, even for me in centrum after 5 at work i see 1 raid? … the system needs a total makeover.

  32. I also like how the blogpost mentioned EX raids are set to the hour that raiding a particular gym is more common. when it’s not something that players can chose

  33. 1: This is not a bug. They simply don’t care about DST.

    2: Longer raid durations make it harder to organize groups.

    3: I would also like raids to be open longer, but Niantic doesn’t want them running at night due to potential issues of people gathering in groups at night. (Hint: This is why they don’t care about DST.)

  34. Daily reminder: Niantic doesn’t want large groups of underage people clustering together in the dark, especially at less-trafficked gyms.

  35. I’m still on the “they should get rid of raids full stop” wagon. I’ve not been able to get any legendaries besides Articuno by absolute luck on my lunch break once and Zapdos from being sent on a errand from my boss – which I later got in trouble for taking long to return. Any other time, they’ve either finished doing raids by the time I finish work or none are in radius for me to get to after/before work and I live rural… 🙁

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