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35 Thoughts to “HOW TO Verify IV IN POKEMON GO”

  1. Where can i find out the iv now when that thing dont work?

  2. mine keeps saying "No Combinations Found"

  3. Not seeing any comments new than 2 months. Guessing this calculator is still busted

  4. I plugged information – all correct information – in for my Exeggutor and it said "No combinations found" :l wut

  5. i tried to calculate my Haunter's ivs but it keeps saying that no combinations found. its cp is 911 and its hp is 63 and dust is 4500. and i havent powered it up at all. someone please help i want to know before i get my gengar

  6. I got a Dragonair with 100% iv.. cant be right xD

  7. Is a 91% IV rhydon pretty good

  8. Would I put true for powered up for example I powered up my evee then evolved but never powered him up after that

  9. This is so useful!! Thumbs up for you!!

  10. i dont get why the pokemon stats on attack are different then the ones on the spread sheet?

  11. I have a 313 Eevee at 85% and a 484 Eevee at 60% which one should I evolve? Pls answer

  12. i have 100% iv geodude if iwill evolve him will his iv will go down?

  13. Hey in your video did you use the name column for that Sandslash? If not you should try it again, because it does matter.

  14. It works 🙂 Make sure you read the instructions and you won't make the same mistake this guy makes in the video. He didn't name them correctly

  15. this can only be done on a computer correct?

  16. How do you make your Pokémon better? Just power them up and your attack, defense and stamina will increase?

  17. Is this considered a 3rd party thing? The ban hammer is scaring me

  18. When I put in my vaporeons stats it said
    "26 to 77%"
    um what, thats not very helpful!

  19. I got 214 cp bulbasaur and its IV is zero ! most Pokemon I caught had poor IVs. How to catch the good one (100℅)?

  20. Thank you so much, Just found out my Gyarados is a 100%

  21. Pokemon GO sucks the games are WAY better.

  22. bad video. should only be 1 min long tops.

  23. all i see is combination but i cant see their sta def and atk

  24. So if I already powered-up my pokemon before search, sould I put "True" for the first search?

  25. stupid question. what does the level column pertain to and does it matter

  26. Question, my jolteon after testing to power up ended a result of 97.8% but I still have a lot of room to left to power it up.. so does this mean that this jolteon is worth the candy to max out its CP? I got 15 14 15… THANKS looking forward for your reply.

  27. What does the stamina change?

  28. Thanks for the info. please watch my first YouTube video I posted a few days ago and if you could give me some tips that would be great. please also subscribe there will be many many more videos in the future thanks

  29. it won't show the iv or the level for me

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