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15 Thoughts to “[Humor] Wild Wailord would be great”

  1. I can’t see why he wouldn’t be, Gyarados was available wild from the start.

  2. “That’s Snoke’s ship!”

  3. OP left his Flaffy’s identity uncensored. Gasp!

  4. There are more pokemon of different types on that sliver of land than there are in my entire town.

  5. you know…. I could have swarn I have seen that flaffy somewhere before…

  6. Why didnt you censored your eyes? Now everyone knows who you are..

  7. Why is the Pokémon level blurred?

  8. Making me miss home, coming back in 2 weeks lol. Being in the rural for the winter really makes you appreciate Santa Monica more

  9. Yes it would be awesome. The AR shots might be blue and white only 🙂

  10. I’ve caught a wild sharpedo

  11. I would lose it! Great IDEA!!!!!!!

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