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17 Thoughts to “I produced a quickie photoshop on an electrical storm right now (Welcome Zapdos)”

  1. Photo is not mine, is from another player in the raids group from my town, I just put the little Zap in there.

  2. This is how Zapdos should appear. Not in a middle of a mall or something.

  3. That’s a lot better than I expected!

  4. That’s kind of what it was like this evening in NYC when it was released.

  5. We had a thunderstorm and it was raining pretty hard at around 5pm just before Zapdos raids get released in the east coast. It was in Rochester, NY and it didn’t stop until it’s past 8pm where all of raids stop spawning.


  6. If I saw this irl, like if Pokémon were part of our society much like in the show, but the same rules of death would apply, I would shit my pants.

  7. Beautiful , True art. Love it!

  8. For a sec I thought the buildings below were aflame and I had to reopen the thread just to make sure

  9. This picture made me consider ‘what if pokemon were real’. It’s a scary thought, just to imagine to find a wild Zapdos acting violently over your head.

  10. #noshelter. Go Team Instinct!🐥☇☇

  11. How do I catch Zapdos again?

  12. I don’t get it. It’s a great picture, but you just pasted Zapdos in it. Am I missing something?

  13. This is pretty cool. This is in Davenport Iowa. This is close to where they film a lot of episodes of American Pickers. I was just at a pool party recently there and met frank fritz. He’s a great guy, my sister was in the pool and she of course was enjoying every minute of it because she was allowed to wear the tight clothes

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