[Idea-Discussion] Gold Health club Badge Benefits

I would like to entertain the concept of including a lot more benefits to the fitness centers that have gold badges.

To begin off I have 12 gold gyms and I am a level 40 semi-rural player (4 gyms 3 miles absent, 15 gyms 8-12 miles absent). Stage 4 and 5 raids have to be done 22 miles away owing to deficiency of players.

I wouldn’t improve any operation of the bronze fitness centers. I do assume there are factors that can be extra to the silver and gold fitness centers.

I assume silver and gold fitness center badges ought to have the capability to see what is now occurring in a health club no matter whether we have a pokemon in it or not. We need to see what team owns the gym, if there is a existing raid, and which raid boss is there and the timer. With the cold temps, I possibly really do not enjoy or get discouraged when I do go out trigger I simply cannot locate the raid I’m on the lookout for.

Extra perks would be to have the skill to remotely “check-in” for a raid to talk with other gamers to let them know you want to participate in a raid. Or even much better a information board at each and every gym. I know a information board would get a large amount of criticism as to cyber bullying and rude remarks. Possibly they could incorporate a “reporting system” at each gym. And that would most likely get abused much too. Most individuals have to use numerous applications to coordinate teams to raid. The recreation should provide all of that so we don’t have to “leave” the sport.

I would like to see gold health club badges get 50% much more enthusiasm for feeding subpar berries and a increased prospect of scoring some sweet.

A different perk would be the ability to distant spin each individual gold health club once a working day or each individual 6 hrs. This would be excellent for times when a player does not have accessibility to stops. Also incorporate the capacity to see and catch the pokes that have spawned close to the gym. All over again great for medical center stays, holidays, distant spots etcetera.

In short, I consider 1 or 2 added things for each spin is quite lame for the devotion that is put into earning a gold badge.


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7 Thoughts to “[Idea-Discussion] Gold Health club Badge Benefits”

  1. I’m all for any effort-based rewards in this game. The remote spin per day per gym sounds amazing, but for me that would be 35 spins from my chair each day, so I’m not sure how balanced that would be.

    How about each gold gym spun per day gives you a token towards an Ex-raid? The tokens would build, increasing your odds the more you have, and once you receive a pass they reset to zero. It would be sort of like the real-life points for rare hunting licenses like moose.

    It would also help counteract bad RNG. Eventually anyone could gather enough points to be all but guaranteed an EX-pass.

  2. I think the perks should increase by level. For instance, you get 50 coins per day if your pokemon defends a gym for 8 hours. If it’s from a silver gym, then you should be able to get 75 coins from that gym. For gold, you get 100 coins from defending that gym for 8 hours. Berries would yield 30 stardust in a silver gym, while you get 40 stardust from berries in a gold gym.

    Gold gyms right now only have the item perk. It really is a nice perk, but if niantic added those incentives I listed, then I would be really motivated at taking gyms. Right now, as it stands, i think gyms are too easy to take down. There isn’t a challenge to it. I don’t play for pride, or bragging rights. I play for incentives, bonuses, pokemon, and items. So I don’t really gym that much in the game. I do have 5 gold gyms though.

  3. I like the idea of being able to check on gyms that you have gold. I feel though that getting more motivation for berries and remote spins defeat the “explore” aspect.

  4. How about a stardust bonus while you hold the gym, all your catches get a bump in stardust

  5. remove from gym button would be enough for me

  6. **Feedback:**

    > In short, I think 1 or 2 extra items per spin is pretty lame for the dedication that is put into earning a gold badge.

    A gold gym controlled by your team rewards 3 extra items compared to a bronze gym also controlled by your team. That’s almost twice the number of items. Also considering that pokéStops dominantly drop balls now a days, doubling the efficiency of each of your gym spins is in my opinion definitely not a lame reward.

    > I think silver and gold gym badges should have the ability to see what is currently happening in a gym whether we have a pokemon in it or not. We should see what team owns the gym, if there is a current raid, and which raid boss is there and the timer.

    I honestly think this is a functionality that should come with simply having any badge of a gym.

    > Additional perks would be to have the ability to remotely “check-in” for a raid to communicate with other players to let them know you want to participate in a raid. Or even better a message board at each gym. I know a message board would get a lot of criticism as to cyber bullying and rude comments. Maybe they could incorporate a “reporting system” at every gym. And that would likely get abused too. Most people have to use several apps to coordinate groups to raid. The game should provide all of that so we don’t have to “leave” the game.

    This is also a feature that should be universal, and not linked to any badge level.

    > I would like to see gold gym badges get 50% more motivation for feeding subpar berries.

    I don’t like this. If you have a gold badge for a gym then you’re most likely already pretty good at controlling that specific gym, and wouldn’t need any extra advantages. It also impacts the power balance, making easier for top players to stay at the top, and makes it harder for other players working their way up to compete.

    > … and a higher chance of scoring some candy.

    I’m indifferent to this.

    > Another perk would be the ability to remote spin each gold gym once a day or every six hours. This would be great for times when a player doesn’t have access to stops. Also add the ability to see and catch the pokes that have spawned close to the gym. Again perfect for hospital stays, vacations, remote areas etc.

    I distinctly dislike this idea. It discourages the core-intention of the game, ‘To get people walking outside’. It would essentially make “spoofing” a feature of the game. Remote berry feeding was more than enough to make it *Feel* like the other player is actually cheating, a change that I personally really dislike.

    Access to information that allows the player to make more informed decisions are OK to have access to, (like the ability to coordinate for raids with other players in-game or the status of gyms you have collected the badge for), but acquiring resources that would normally require gameplay (Walking, being at a specific location) is not something that I believe players should have access to, no matter if it’s wrapped as a “reward”.


    One idea I’ve had is to adjust the “Gym control” bonus after raids to alternatively take gold badge level into account.

    Currently the “Gym control” bonus rewards +2 premier balls if the gym is controlled by your team.

    Either this could be changed so “Gym control” rewards +1 premier ball if gym is on same team, AND +1 premier ball if you have a gold badge for the gym.


    It could still reward +2 for same team control OR +1 if NOT same-team, but you have a golden gym badge.

    Essentially you should be guaranteed a +1 premier ball if you’ve earned a gold badge at the raid gym, since earning a gold badge proves a certain degree of long-term personal gym control, even if your team isn’t currently controlling the gym.

    This would help dedicated players on local minority teams, would alleviate some of the conflicts over gym-control prior to raids in local communities, since gym control won’t matter as much between players that often raid together in the same local area.

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