[Idea] It would be fascinating if togepi affected on the motivation of Pokémon in fitness center

Textual content in the pokedex about Togepi: “As its electrical power, Togepi employs the good thoughts of compassion and pleasure exuded by persons and pokemon. This pokemon shops up inner thoughts of joy within its shell, then share them with other folks.”. It would be intriguing if the determination of the Pokémon fell slowly but surely, if there was a Togepi in the gym.

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8 Thoughts to “[Idea] It would be fascinating if togepi affected on the motivation of Pokémon in fitness center”

  1. This is actually a really good idea, that some pokemon can have poor stats, but be useful by making the other pokemon in the gym better. Like a paladin from vanilla world of warcraft, heh

  2. I always wanted Delibird to do something like this. Rather than using its signature present move, Delibird can instead boost motivation as a gift instead. It could even create a sort of “support” meta.

  3. This is the way to go, people say “gym meta”… what is that, Blissey plus Chansey? But here, you could develop a support role which would bust the whole thing wide open! Imagine coordinating with your team to put in 3 good defenders with 3 support mons to create an actual challenge for attackers?
    Limit berry feeding so it doesn’t become a headache attacking gyms with a good line up and let the defenders decide when to activate bonuses by arranging the Pokémon line up. Hell, if using line up, both attack and defence can have bonuses.

  4. That would be pretty cool, having some Pokemon act in a support role. Good Idea!!

  5. I also think Snorlax should be able to eat 20 berries lol

  6. Pokédex entry fluff is hardly canon.

  7. Seems stupid. They will never make a change that small for the extremely small amount it changes the game

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