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29 Thoughts to “Ideas and Methods for Advanced Pokemon Go Players”

  1. Team Instinct is for what???? I didn't quite catch that

  2. all things i knew but you are beautiful so i didn't mind.

  3. thank for finally a non basic guide 🙂

  4. zapdos strongest bird and is not overated

  5. found 3 pickachus sitting on my computer

  6. I'm such an asshole I wrote Pokemon tips for advanced players ???

  7. Can you please explain why team Instinct is for idiots?

  8. Team instinct isn't bad it's just less people choose it besides pikachu is yellow u have a pikachu shirt which is also yellow some characters in the background is yellow so get roasted ?

  9. Yo fuck this bitch idk if it was a joke about team instinct but like wtf at least we like completion unlike joining red or blue like almost everybody else

  10. hey its Chloe she was pretty cool on sourcefed

  11. is it inappropriate to look pikachu in the eyes?

  12. you heard her team instinct, get out

  13. fellow supernatural
    anyone else just come across this channel, and their first thought is

  14. Girl lemme get a pikachu….under that pikachu

    Also good tips.

  15. PRO TIP: Don't shit-talk teams or you will look like a bitch and get a lot of people triggered.
    Team instinct is for ppl, who like some chalange and don't want to go with the croud, and be able to fight somobody (cuz every gym is red or sometimes blue).
    and we are idiots cuz we aren't red or blue?
    if yes,… you are retarded and you should not act like a kiddo when you hear word: instinct

  16. JAS

    all those crap pokemon like : 'caterpie, pidgey and weedle.

  17. "Don't bother building the prestige of your gym"
    That's why Valour gyms are super easy to take over.

  18. Will this bitch stop saying pro tip like that, it's so annoying, PRO TIP!!!

  19. Tapping the pokeball makes it despawn so you can get your next ball faster. It doesn't put it back into your inventory. Also, go to a place with multiple stops, drop lures, eat a lucky egg, then start evolving, farming the stops and catching pokemon. Concerning hatching eggs, you can go up to 15 miles an hour (24.14 kilometers per hour) and it will still put distance on your egg. I try and stay between 10 and 15 (16.09 and 24.14), that seems to work the best, as my gps lags a bit. Also, if you take it out of AR mode, the instance of the ball bouncing off the invisible ceiling is greatly reduced. (and you can catch the pokemon from farther away once you enter battle with it. (Like if you're on the bus) When collecting your defender bonus, just remember, you can only collect once every 21 hours. So don't collect right away. Happy training!!

  20. I sat in between three poke stops with lures on them with incense and a lucky egg and I got over 200 pokemons in 4 hours and leveled up 3 times from17 to 20 which is over 60,000 XP

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