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25 Thoughts to “Killing a Shiny Rayquaza just after 12 several hours and 1597 smooth resets”

  1. This man could have switched to Gengar and struggle would have done nothing…

  2. If you were gonna shiny hunt Rayquaza why didnt you save your master ball? You silly billy.


  4. Well everytime I get a shiny that's way too common and not very powerful (like rattata or bidoof) I don't bother catching it, I may catch it and keep it

    Like hell no, I ain't gonna put a level 40 shiny magmar on my average lvl 100 party

  5. if that happened to me i would just pretty much comit suicide

  6. Windows 10 time change? I'm not saying this is 100% fake.

  7. I can make one in a minute, mad respect tho

  8. I usually just paralyze and then spam tf out of ultra and timer balls

  9. when the video is fast forwarded he was like 3PO

  10. Man i"ve never felt worse for anybody before Bro I have goosebumps right now 😧😵

  11. Timer Balls!!!!!!!! Why didn't you use them? After 28 minutes of playing I'm pretty sure a timer ball's rate would be high enough to catch it.

  12. I feel bad for you man, I’d suck your dick to make you fell better man.

  13. I think ultra balls would be better. 😥

  14. and thats why you always bring soemthing for sleep or para

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