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12 Thoughts to “Ludicolo is freaking awesome!”

  1. You know you only need 124 candies to evolve it all the way. You get 1 candy for evolving. Could’ve kept that Lotad for shits and giggles

  2. Nice Relicanth you go there

  3. Do Lotad nest? I haven’t seen even one of them yet

  4. Question maybe I am missing something but didn’t you transfer a lotad, then get a network error, then go to the same lotad and proceed to evolve it?

  5. Anyone else notice the Relicanth? Must either be a Kiwi or a spoofer

  6. I haven’t even seen a Lotad yet

  7. Dang nice cp on your feebas!

  8. Boracai was an awesome place and even better cos the rainy weather bought in tons of lotads⛈

  9. Soo coool! Too bad they made him so weak.. i mean maxed out on 33 lv and 1920 CP. What a waste 🙁

  10. I hate it when this happens. Especially on a pokedex entry. Kinda funny to see it happen to someone else though 😅

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