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46 Thoughts to “Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️”

  1. add furret to pokemon sword and shiled,if not ill get my furret army to riot your HQ

  2. I believe a Galarian Dragonite should relatively exist.

    Making sense of the factuality it is a European based dragon and medieval which is heavily based upon The Middle Ages dominated by the Kingsman empire of the what is now addressed as the United Kingdom [centralized to Great Britain].

    Since and before King Louis the fables associated with dragons and championship should definitely be administered to a Galarian form of Dragonite.

    Dark/Dragon is suitable or perhaps Dark/Fire since, unlike asiatic based dragons the winged dragons of English lore are almost if not always fire breathing.

    A misunderstood dragon? The typing is still suitable.

    A physical attacker to separate from Hydreigon with enough special for fire-based attacks and moderate bulk.

    In the 1500s even today in remnants it is a large piece of the culture layer of the region this installment is based upon.

    Attributing mmm wait No if they don't do it hopefully "unofficially" it is added. Theoretically, the proposition makes the most sensible conclusion to story, setting, history, and lore.

  3. So wait is it only available in shield or is it available in both games cuz I’m getting sword

  4. Group 1: it’s a Fairy
    Group 2: it’s Psychic

    Me: … Maybe a Psychic/Fairy.

  5. That was the most flaccid reveal I've ever seen. Where's more ACTUAL Pokemon from Galar? The ones that originally came from there?

  6. The version exclusives are getting really annoying

  7. Who cares about becoming the champion, catching mewtwo, etc.


  8. Lemme guess to get it to evolve it requires a strong friendship bond because magic?

  9. I agree this psychic type version of ponytail is so much cuter do you think they'll make a psychic and some other type of a Rapidash because that would even make it even more cooler that would make even prettier

  10. Seriously? Why does this have to be in the version that sucks

  11. Wouldn’t it evolution be called rainbowdash


  13. That mane looks so delicious.

  14. Its so cute! I bet Rapidash is going to become a beautiful unicorn with sparkling mane.

  15. Just give us release date of Pokemon Home and Sleep!!

  16. I've said it once, I'll say it again! Galarian Ponyta is just a horse aerobics instructor!

  17. It looks like cotton candy

  18. My heart just exploded into pure sugar from watching this.

  19. My Little Ponyta: Friendship is Magic – Galarian Girls OoO

  20. I think it’s really over designed. It looks almost like an entirely different Pokémon from Ponyta.

  21. WOW!!! A Ponyta in galarian form?!?! I think I might choose this Pokemon!!! 😍😍😍

  22. Isn't the rapidash gonna be a psychic fairy? And probably a pegasus pokemon to

  23. Is anybody else expecting Galarian Rapidash to turn out looking like an “Equestria Girls” character?

  24. I'm so glad I preordered Shield.

  25. Finally, a horse that looks safe to ride

  26. I wish they got a galarian dragonite😍 and its blue💙💙💙blue dragonite ice / dragon type

  27. Me: Now we got fairy horse to kill dragons.
    Also me(after checking the website): DEEZ NUTZ

  28. When your getting both versions so you really don't care about exclusives.

    Yes I know it's sad but I have no one to trade with. So gotta catch em all somehow.

  29. God dammit
    Now I have to get both of the games now

  30. Unrelated are we ever going to get another mew event? I ask this because at the time you had the oras and x and y I wasn't playing pokemon or I was but I didn't have time to go to gamestop and I just started by then. And yes I know there was mew in Let's go games it's just we weren't able to use pokemon bank with that game.

  31. More likes I'll buy Sword,
    More replies I'll buy Shield.
    (I'm having trouble deciding lol)

  32. Suggestion: New Fossil Pokemon Ice type or Water perhaps. ^^

  33. I swear to god with this ponyta and alcreme I’m going to end up having the most fabulous looking team ever

  34. Galarian Ponyta exists
    Wooloo: cries in the corner

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