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42 Thoughts to “MY To start with MAWILE IS A SHINY MAWILE!?!?!? | POKEMON GO GEN 3 IS Listed here!!!”

  1. Bra these vids are like mystic7 level of quality

  2. Am i the only person who laughed when he said it was his first ralts? The way he pronounced it the first time broke me. XD


  4. Take advantage of the wierd wearher

  5. Really liked and subscribed bro

  6. Damn first vid love it keep it up and dab on those haters👌😂🔥🔥

  7. My first magikarp is shiny lolololol

  8. Nice video. I hope one day i can see u on penang and raid groundon together 😂

  9. Wow many you’ve only got 253 subs??? You deserve way more such great quality! Keep it up man!!👍🏻

  10. Dude same my first mawile wad shiny I got it today on Christmas!!

  11. Slightly worse mystic seven. But I still liked

  12. My first Absol was a shiny.   I did 5 Absol raids and I got 2 shinies out of them!  Congrats on the shiny Mawile 🙂

  13. you seem so genuinely happy to just open the game and see what’s around that brings a smile to my face. I love this game so much I follow all of the Pokémon YouTubers And now I’m going to subscribe to you

  14. Very good vid, keep them up. You deserve more subs

  15. Watched for the shiny Mawile, stayed because I love your personality. You earned yourself a sub!

  16. 3 shakes isn't a guaranteed capture

  17. so underrated, this video is amazing!

  18. gratz on your shiny mate well deserved good way to start your video keep up the good work yesterday was confirm member in my group hatched a azurill from a 2k egg

  19. Also your channel has such good quality how do u not have at least have 10k sub

  20. GG i also got it Lmao(a shiny mawile)

  21. It's so sad to see a good youtuber with such low subscribers just keep up the good work and you will not you might YOU WILL get 100k soon enough

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