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42 Thoughts to “NEW TRACKER + DOUBLE LAPRAS, PORYGON & SNORLAX CATCHES! Very best Scarce Pokemon Catches In Pokemon GO”


  2. where you are hunting pokemon

  3. I litterally spent money on the PokeVision..then it got banned :/ seriously?

  4. This new tracker isnt good like fastpokemap

  5. You Said Staryou then you Said Starmie

  6. I have a question for you. When you shop in pokemon go and pokeballs – do they also come with great balls and ultra balls included or there is another way to get them without having to spin pokestops.

  7. Today i got a 10 km egg and iTS got out

  8. where does he catch those??

  9. There was a wild dragnet in front of my house today and it ran away!

  10. can i find the screenshots that fans sent in anywhere thanks! if anybody knows comment

  11. I wish those stuff spawned where I live…

  12. At the end he mimed himself talking if u look close

  13. I meant I need to get those pokemoooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  14. Dude where do you live I need to go there and get that pokemon

  15. That was an excellent throw

  16. Yeah I live near Seattle and if you go to a place with no pokestops the nearby tracking disappears. But when you come back in range of pokestops it comes back. Honestly haven't used it because nothing good has shown up on the nearby yet just rattta pidgeys and weedles mostly all commons

  17. how i am realy angry you got all of the good pokemon i just need to do it with some poliwags and magikarps:( 🙁 🙁 🙁

  18. 400 ultra balls your crazy?!

  19. The comments are all cancerous pokecoin comments. Smh

  20. Shout Down to JUNIOR PERFETC they are just awesome


  22. not far from my house there is a house that has about 9 spawns on it, i want to move in with them

  23. my blastoise ran from me

  24. There are only 3 pokestops where i live and they're on the other side of the city…

  25. hey can you tell me where didi u ccaught that lapra….

  26. It's funny how Ben is freaking out and Karla is like so what

  27. I was a Lapras how would I go about getting one since the map is not working Anymore would I put an incense on and walk by water make sure there is nothing on the sightings I really want one Or put a luer on near water and put incense on 2 please help

  28. where do you drive around at almost every vid u make u get insane catches please respond! <3

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