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24 Thoughts to “Niantic will be providing just one extra Premier Ball to all gamers.”

  1. Is this because of the last ball glitch right?
    Is it still present?

  2. They should really give everyone like 1-2 raid passes.

  3. What about the gym control bug? Shouldn’t everyone get 3 extra Premier Balls?

  4. Glad they acknoledged and somehow mitigated the issue, however it still sucks for those who, thanks to this and other bugs had a harder time catching Arty and Molly and now can’t anymore.

    I managed to get a somewhat big group of people to run raids with and we tried our darnest to get one of each for everyone, even doing 5 Moltres raids all together on its last day to make the one unlucky sob who hasn’t caught a single legendary yet catch his Molly.

    Needless to say he’s still legendless.

  5. This is a joke. To put this in perspective, World of Tanks recently had issues with the in-game chat and gave everyone 3 days of premium time, 3 2hr 50% credit boosters, and 3 3hr 200% xp boosters. All of this for something that didn’t affect gameplay. However, Niantic has considerable issues with core gameplay, stability, etc., and considers 1 extra Pokeball to be a sufficient temporary fix.

  6. And what about all the wasted last balls til now? :I

  7. I’d rather them fix getting kicked out of the raid after have 6 pokemon faint and when we still beat the boss I get a chance to fight it instead of having to fight it a second time.

  8. Sorry if this question has already been answered, but how can a bug like the last ball bug even exist? What is it about the game’s programming that would cause for the last ball to be any different than all the other throws?

  9. I went 0/7 on Moltres, but caught the first zapdos i went to. I don’t want more chances at zapdos, i want my 7 lost chances at moltres back. I feel like 7 raids should’ve been more than enough to get a moltres, since that’s basically your one free pass a day for the week moltres was out.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if this extra ball is also bugged.

    Would be a genius placebo

  11. Jeeze, thanks. When? I’m a level 36 player, have participated in 7 successful legendary raids and have ZIPPO legendaries. Not one. And it’s not like I don’t know how to shoot a ball.

    But not complaining about free stuff. Just complaining about why we’re getting it

  12. I could swear I caught lugia on my last ball. I had a network error kick me out of the catch phase though. Maybe I’m wrong.

  13. Simple thing would be to just re-release Articuno and Moltres on a weekend (Friday to Monday?) so everyone can get another chance

  14. That’ll help fix those raids I can’t do.

  15. Sounds like a decent fix for now. Glad they addressed it.

  16. That’s cool and all, but requires people to buy more raid passes. If someone already bought $5 worth of raid passes and used them all, this does nothing for them. They have to buy more raid passes to get the bonus that makes up for niantic selling them defective raid passes . . . that doesn’t make sense

  17. holy shit people are blowing this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion. What the actual fuck. Asking for refunds just because of one ball, it’s absolutely tragic and sad

  18. “One extra”

    On top of the one I never got?

  19. Cool, being Instinct means I really get 4 balls per raid, have gone through heaps of passes and am 0-4 with Articuno and 0-9 with Moltres. But hey, an extra ball from now on makes up for all those wasted premium passes

  20. Mystic always starts up 3 balls anyway…so difficult being instinct.

  21. Of course you would say that. Feel bigger now?

  22. I would like the Premium raid passes that are lost because we start a raid with only 10 minutes to do a raid, But then have to tinker around restart phone again before we start. Then if I’m luck, the game doesn’t crash somewhere in between battle. Lets not forget when we try to capture the Raid mon. Game crashes randomly when capturing or lags out for several minutes and another reset has to be done.

    All these problems don’t happen on each raid, but a combination of some of the glitches occur commonly. :/

  23. How about giving me a legendary for all those I could have caught on my last throw.

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