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  1. You should of smashed his phone and his face Lmao he laughs like a bucket

  2. stuntin in the gucci hat

  3. The last clip should have made it to Nelk. That guys laugh is priceless.

  4. turn AR off to have smoother gameplay

  5. Lmfao the pout and walk away in the first 20 secs lmfao I'm dead!!!

  6. Stop acting like you're a nice guy and ask for permission. All those pissed off people wouldn't have gave you permission.

  7. Great video guys! Let's collab sometime and do an epic "dance prank" where we just dance in public places

  8. That last clip should have made it to the main channel

  9. it's amazing how this has 0
    dislikes nice!! let's see how long it stays like that

  10. I usually never watch extras but when I saw you knocking on someone's door I had to watch it

  11. Clearly she doesn't understand the importance of the zubats eh

  12. Ahhha, that dialogue was great, thanks for the uploads pp faces.

  13. Lmao what's with these losers getting so confrontational

  14. sooooo funny guys. I watch every vid ! I wanna see more if this shit

  15. IN 1:49 u can clearly see he was looking to the camera but who gives a fuck it was funny thumbs up !

  16. that last clip was very funny should have made it on the video

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