Please eliminate revives from raid loot table

Its been reported ahead of…but very seriously. Receiving revives from the raid boss feels like this sort of a slap in the face. This week I did six raids in a row with out finding a solitary TM. I blame the revives for using their places lol

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54 Thoughts to “Please eliminate revives from raid loot table”

  1. Did a 4 star raid earlier and got 16 revives and nothing else :/

  2. I’d take half as many Max Revives.

  3. replace em with max revives, then it negates the potion drought

  4. Give us the star level x 5000 stardust.

    No more revives. Hell, I got 20 revoves from one. I’d rather have a single stardust than that bs.

  5. Down with revives! Up with Stardust!

  6. Give 50 % of revive and 50% of potion….i’m fine having 7 revive/7 hyper potion but 15 revive is way too much XD

  7. I’m fine with getting a couple of revives from a raid, especially since they seem a lot rarer from Pokestops lately. But on one occasion I did a level four Tyrannitar raid and got 30 revives as part of the loot.

    30 revives. That’s a bit excessive.

  8. Should be max revives or no revives. Regular revives is the lamest reward.

  9. If it’s a 10man group, you lose 1 pokemon max before the boss dies. There is No need to “award” us with 10+ revives. It is a kick in the face when there is no TM when doing a level 4 raid. No one is doing a venusaur at this point because they want the pokemon itself.

  10. I have no idea what they could possibly be thinking sometimes.

  11. I’d be fine with a bunch of berries instead – free stardust.

  12. I prefer Red pokeballs as rewards instead of revives, my Go plus eat a lots every day.

  13. It’s the new nanab berry.

  14. I feel you I just finished my first T3 by myself and got more revives than anything. Sure I can use revives to take down gyms and use them like a super potion but…I can also get revives from Pokestops. You know what I can’t get from a pokestop? a TM and apprantly I can’t get one from a Raid either because I have done 2 T1s 3 T3s and 21 T2s and have 0 TMs.

  15. They should give max revives, if anything thats the real slap in the face.

  16. Yes please, or even better, give us option of combining let’s say 10 of them into a max revive… Id be sooo happy with this if it was implemented !!! 😇

  17. Niantic: “OK!”

    *removes revives from loot table*

    *replaces with Chinchou*

  18. I’ve done countless raids and still have not gotten a TM. My dad has done them with me and he’s gotten 4. So unfair

  19. Niantic, if you could just turn every 2 revives into a rare candy…..yeah, that’d be great.

  20. I am pretty sure they nerfed the drop rate for TMs, I haven’t gotten any in the last week.

  21. Giving us things we can get from spinning pokestops is the Niantic way.

    Shame too, I almost thought they were going to launch raids followed by gen 3 for their 1 year anniversary, foolish of me to think they actually care.

  22. People complained that they don’t get enough revives to fight gyms, Niantic listened and gave you revive drops from raids.

  23. Instead of getting 14 revives for beating a Muk using like 1 Rhydon, give like 5ish revives and a few potions

  24. Things stack, there’s no taking the place of something. I’ll get 2 types of items or 5 from a lvl 4 raid.

    It would be nice to get a diversity of HP related items instead of just revives, but there are plenty of people who benefit.

  25. Better loot from from raids (stardust, potions, xp, coins, and store items)

    Okay so I’m sure a lot of people are having as much of a problem with stardust now as I am.

    They removed the free stardust everyday from claiming gyms. And did an awful job replacing it. But they added raids. There should be a default 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 stardust for every win, scaling with raid level. But I think that there should be a chance to loot some extra too.

    Right now we can loot revives, rare candy, and fast and charge tms.

    In a lot of MMOS with raids you can do them for the rare drops, but you also get a lot of common drops. I feel we should be able to get evolution items, potions or revives of your best level, anything you can buy in the store (incubators, an extra raid pass, lure, or incense very rarely), and the main point of this post a random chance at a random amount of coins or stardust.

    For coins I’m thinking not a lot something Like, 2, 5, 10, and 25.

    Star dust ranges from 100-a few thousand.

    I don’t think this is in any way op, or unreasonable.

    Right now it’s just kinda meh, and it won’t be long until no one does low level raids for any reason. Maybe they could make different teirs of rewards from different levels. I think that would keep people doing all of them

  26. Make rewards for tier 1&2 better people are paying to do them yes they are easy but again people are paying to do them they shouldn’t be so underwhelming

  27. Yes I throw out revives constantly because you get +8 per day extra from raids and if you spin a couple stops you’ll get a ton too

  28. A lot of this discussion is asking for Max Revives as a reward. I’m not suffering from the potion drought but the only reason I can think of that they don’t award Max Revives is because they are not available until you reach level 30 afaik. If you’re a level 20 raider then they can’t really give you Max Revives because you’re not a high enough level to get them. Similar rules apply to Max Potions too.

  29. Didn’t read all the comments.
    But maybe if revives were from levels 1-2 raids (you know to help the lower levels) and level 3-4 raids had max revives (since they are unlocked at higher levels) that it would be more fair and balanced. I would be happy to get 6+ Max revives from a raid battle. But reg revives are trash for me.

  30. My friend beat a Level 4 Gym once and got 42 revives. No candies. No TM’s. Just 42 revives…

  31. My first 4 star raid I got 24 revives. I don’t know how hard they thought these raids would be, but with 8 people i didn’t even lose 3 Pokémon… id even be happy with 1-5 max revives or something.

  32. I now dump revives more than any other item as I am accumulating so many of them. I don’t need more than 300 which is what I seem to hover around no matter how much I use them. Since I feed berries now, I don’t dump them anymore.

  33. Or at least replace them with max revives.


  35. I’d rather see the revives halved and be full revives.

  36. I’d be happy if they were max revives. I’m kinda starving for potions

  37. I need POTIONS, not more revives! You only need one revive per knocked out Pokemon, but you need several potions to bring it back to full strength.

  38. I always end up discarding them. They are completely useless…

    A player doing a level 3-4 raid doesnt need them. Leave em in the drop tables for low level raids, but not for high level.

  39. I like revives I fight gyms a lot and use them and abuse them.

    However, 16 revive and 3 golden berries and 0 rare candy and 0 TM is a bunch of bull for a 4 star raid. I don’t need 16 revives I mostly want rare candy and TMs

  40. Seriously, at least scale the number of revives given to be roughly equal to the number of pokemon needed to take out that raid boss. Six should be the max. I think most people almost never have all their pokemon faint when doing raids. And if they DO, well hey at least revives fall from pokestops for free anyway. Six is plenty.

  41. At this point, I’d happily not receive anything extra than the revives.

    More than anything however, I’d prefer if Max Revives were able to be used on Pokemon that had not fainted too, so in theory you could just keep them back instead of having tons of potions and normal revives.

  42. What exactly do you mean by tm? I haven’t seen anything drop besides revives/rarecandy/gold berry ?

  43. what niantic reads: bla bla bla remove free stuff bla bla bla
    wait for it to happen my friend

  44. Don’t know why everyone expects to be swimming in TM’s literally a couple of weeks into the raids. Was the same with evo items, except now there is a huge backlog of pokemon to use TM’s on coupled with a high number of good, new pokemon from the raids itself. Just wait a little while and you will get the TM’s you need.

  45. how is it a slap in the face? you’re pokemon likely fainted from the raid boss. and I don’t think they take the place of TMs.

  46. I have 271 revives now… sigh

  47. Do what I do, I get so many Revives from raids and pokestops I just go around an active area of town at 11:00 PM when I build enough revives and just use my 3000CP plus on everything in the gyms and take them down and don’t put anything in them. Usually catch the spoofers and other people that put in a gym at that time to get their 8 hours when they wake up the next morning when a new group comes out and turn the gyms over. I only use the revives for 50%cp which is enough on the high ones. I get about 6-8 gyms and really peave off people 🙂 but hey I get the XP and since Niantic insists on giving me a buttload of revives I feel obliged to use them.

    One day I am going to go and take down the whole small town about 15 gyms. I think right now I have 175 Max revives, 214 Max Potions, 92 hyper potion and 234 Revives.

    They made it so easy to take down gyms now and I was loaded for bear with the potions and revives before the new scheme and then I added another 500 capacity to my pack. Just gave me a license to troll. Nothing like running around and just taking down gyms and leaving them open. So easy.

    So yeah they do need to change somethings.


    Haters going to hate. Hey this is a battle right? Deny thy enemy resources. Coins!

    I am not the one that made the new system. They should not of halved my coin haul for the day and made it so easy for me to get the max. I need something to do than to just catch the Mon so I battle gyms and feed berries to my teammates. It all gets me legal XP, Stardust and coins. I mean I use less of my revives and berries now. I got space for 500 more. I have not powered up anything forever since I don’t need to add strong Pokemon to my lineup because the new system makes them useless. I can keep a gym for 8 hours with a 1500cp crabby, so I have like 2 mil stardust. If I put a mon in many gyms it gets me absolutely NOTHING! so if I want to battle a gym and take it down it is useless to keep putting mon in them when they get nothing.

  48. We can’t get rid of revives!

    What would I throw out when my bag gets full??

  49. I did a 4 star this week and got 1 rare candy and I think 25 revives. Had I paid for that raid I would have lost my mind but even so that’s ridiculous. As other people mentioned I would rather the revives be mixed with potions or add stardust to the loot table.

  50. I don’t mind cause I use a lot of revives to solo gyms

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