[Pokémon] Star Performer

A crushing defeat in the final round of Hoenn’s Grand Competition threatens to send soaring star Coordinator Alex into a downward spiral right up until his manager suggests an option – a holiday in the Kalos region! But it seems the surprises you should not finish there, as what was intended to be some peaceful R&R ends up becoming much a lot more eventful than Alex experienced at any time imagined. Rated T for mild weirdness.


Arc 1
– The Conclusion (beneath)
1 – In Concerning
2 – The Hook
3 – The Rush
4 – The Beginning
5 – Respite

Arc 2
6 – Roots


The Conclude

Confetti cannons boomed at all corners of the stadium, sending their payload scattering about the battlefield down below, tens of millions of scraps of coloured paper fluttering and eddying in the previous vestiges of the ocean breeze. The sky was a classical examine in twilight, purples and golds lifted straight out of a painting, a sleek night gradient broken only by the occasional wispy cloud. The location sunshine cast a lengthy shadow exactly where it was blocked by the significant walls of the stadium, plunging pretty much the entire industry into a weird, phony darkness. Someplace, a band commenced to perform, a rousing, triumphant march that pierced Alex’s heart like a knife.

Audio light away. The roar of the crowd, the weighty percussion of the brass band, the uneven thumping of the confetti cannons, even the announcer’s voice all light to a uninteresting groan, allowing for the noise of his heartbeat to just take around. Thud, thud, thud. Thud. Alex felt his pulse start off to gradual as the adrenaline that experienced authorized him to thrust this far evaporated. The numbness that he had felt because the struggle commenced was waning now, offering way to bitterness.

Someway, Alex compelled himself to smile, waving graciously at the crowd – which way is the group again? Just about everywhere, I guess – as the sound of his very own name penetrated the audio of blood dashing in his ears. Getting a deep breath, he dragged himself back from the brink, bringing his head again into concentration. There would be time for self-loathing later.

However, he bit the inside of his cheek challenging ample to draw blood as he stepped ahead to receive his accolades, a prolonged-practiced grin plastered on his encounter. Shaking fingers with the President of the Hoenn Contest Organisation, he nodded graciously at her text of congratulations. Realising that a microphone had been thrust into his facial area, Alex willed his jaw to unhinge. Why was all the things so complicated all of a unexpected? He experienced missing before.

“I feel all I can seriously say,” he pressured out, stunning himself with how stage and cheerful he sounded, “is that the greater Coordinator won nowadays. I’d hoped that this would be my calendar year, becoming my 3rd Grand Pageant in a row reaching the remaining eight, but I was not counting on the calibre of opposition that showed up . . .” He continued on for a moment or so, fulfilling his obligations as runner-up, then, noting a refined eye movement from the girl holding the microphone, wrapped it up succinctly by congratulating his opponent once again. Sensation a lot more than happy to be out of the highlight for when, Alex stepped again and allowed the focus to swap back again to the new Major Coordinator, a fourteen-year-old lady by the identify of . . . what was it yet again? Maxine? Martine? All the things was slipping out of his head.

Closing his eyes, Alex took a further deep breath. He would be lying if he explained it did not gall him a very little, getting defeated like this on this sort of a substantial stage by a youngster 5 several years his junior. He experienced been in the video game for very long adequate to recognise a prodigy when he noticed just one, although, and he realised he had been outclassed. Some men and women just have it so easy. Those people blessed with expertise make fools of the relaxation of us every single day – no make any difference how hard I operate to catch up, people today like her are normally just out of access.

It was a challenging maelstrom of thoughts that whirled inside of him now: anger tempered by disappointment, wounded delight, and even a little reduction, all tinged with guilt. He wasn’t indignant at her – Melanie, he remembered now – but at himself, he realised. 6 a long time he had been functioning towards this, getting closer each and every working day – and he had fallen at the previous hurdle.

There’s constantly subsequent calendar year. That was real, but he was unwell and tired of ready for ‘next year’. Previous calendar year, this year experienced been up coming 12 months! And but, he experienced unsuccessful the moment yet again. Gritting his enamel, Alex stared up at the fast dimming sky above Lilycove – previous the stadium’s oppressively growing walls, past the wall of people and Pokemon that crammed the stands, even past the clouds that scudded by.

“One closing time! Congratulations to Melanie Minimal from Slateport City, winner of the 2015 Hoenn Grand Pageant and our latest Best Coordinator!”

The crowd yelled itself hoarse, and Alex bowed his head.

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