Re:acount doesn’t exist and safteynet bug

Possible work around for SafteyNet/GoogleService bug and PokemonGO.
I say possible work around because my Nexus4 is a pile of and doesn’t stay charged so I’ll see if it actually gets some places

I was talking with an aquaintence at lunch today that was playing a slightly earlier verison of Pokemon go than .96 or what ever the playstore updated one is. Because it’s a bit faster on his phone.

I’ve seen a bunch of videos that had say do everything from factor reset the phone (drastic for a game)
Hunch is that the factory reset might actually be clearing out cache and or appdata
A few videos back to 2016 say start their first and or do a fresh install
I have had read several articles that had sugested making a new gmail account just to get to the trainer screen, and then (somehow) get back to the trainer you are wanting to play.

For some weird reason a gmail acount I have for just spam mail could get to the trainer screen.

The one that I have used since beta? that is the one having issues:
The new code for what ever reason is causing issues with old trainers. My guess is some issue with GoogePlay services for what ever reason not seeing in the code: aha this is a fun exploring game.

Ingress on my phone does NOT have that issues and in fact starts and gets going quickly and also fun when I’m in the mood for something scifi related.

Work around: Try the following, it might get you playing:
-Make a new gmail acount. Give it fun sassy smart alect name.
-Clear Cashe I haven’t aclue where that is on IOS. Mine was burred under 5 random menus (Nexus 4 Android what-ever-the-heck version google has)
Launcher->cog-Apps-Appstorgage then find pokemongo AppInfo-> and says clear data or clear cache
Hopefully yours inst burried under some insane number windows

Turn of locations
Turn of bluetooth
and clear cache in PokeGo AGAIN

Get at least as far as Professor Willowing saying: their’s all sorts of deranged peo…er their’s all kinds of critters around some want to gnaw your face off others like Pikachus are friendly. Now lets go forth youngman and find them!

That might be enough to get you into the trainer you use most. I haven’t clue my phone ran out of batter or bad power cord? (both possibly)

Hope this helps others!

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  1. I have the same problem with my Lenovo Yoga Book but tried everything and stll doesn’t let me login 🙁 . starting to loose hope hat i can play with my tablet again.

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