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4 Thoughts to “[screenshot] Spinarak wasn’t as impressed with the worlds major basket, as we were being.”

  1. My mom use to work in that building a long time ago.

  2. This reminds me of the Greek Myth story of Arachne. TL:DR, a weaver named Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest where the loser must promise to never touch thread and needle ever again. Athena won, but seeing how depressed Arachne had become, Athena turned her into a spider so that she can still live the rest of her days weaving without use of a needle and thread.

    Spinarak looks like it’s saying “You call that a weave? I can do better in my sleep”

  3. I used to see this basket all the time when I went to Denison!

  4. I googled ‘Longaberger’, and the pictures are awesome! 😮

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