[serious] Gun was pulled out through a raid

Genuinely not absolutely sure where to get started. I have performed more than two hundred raids and generally see the identical group from Fb and discord. Each and every so usually random people wander up, never ever an difficulty.

Lugia spawned at a common shopping mall in city now. Outdoor shopping mall not indoor. Has five gyms in full there. Discord and Fb established the lobby time for five:fifteen. Bought there at five:ten and failed to have ample people so was moved to five:thirty. Safety arrived up and mentioned we had to go shopping mall manager doesn’t want people enjoying Pokémon. I was not happy of the risk and explained to him to contact the cops I can wander in and purchase something and shop listed here I was not trespassing. I failed to get in his experience or belligerent. He just mentioned “not listed here to argue doing my career”. Wasn’t even enjoying the game or in the way, was on a bench ready. I went to my car it was in variety.

five:thirty we get explained to to lobby. Safety had left but see him appear back. In my car won’t be able to hear what is mentioned, identical old gotta depart I believe. Man walks to his car and catches my consideration. Opens his driver facet doorway, reaches in, pulls out a gun and points it at the safety guard. He pointed it directly at him, for three-five seconds. My eyes went wide open up in shock. It was directly pointed at him, then soon after the three-five seconds, he lowered it and put it back in his car a number of seconds later. My finest guess is he mentioned something Silly like “You wanna contact the cops, I will give you a motive to”!

I failed to even seem at my cellular phone at this time, I won’t be able to even recall tapping or enjoying just later on we did defeat Lugia. A buddy of mine was more than where he was, she walked more than to me (she was parked in entrance of my car) and I acquired out and it was a collective ‘what the fuck’. I stored an eye on the person, and the safety guard was on the cellular phone now (most likely with 911) and the person was strolling about, not absolutely sure what he was doing but stored an eye on him. He drove a brilliant yellow chevy camero, variety of tricky to pass up it in a parking good deal.

Future to where we had been, is a jewelry keep, and the safety guard in there who I believe that has a gun, was outdoors and talked to the person. I felt cozy leaving at this position, but was nervous and worried of what to do. I failed to want to bail, as a witness, but a guard with a gun was there and I believe police had been on their way. A person in the group stayed and later did say a good deal of police showed up.

I was shaken up by it, result in I never rely on people now but this idiot could’ve pulled the induce at him, or some others. What’s to say if I caught a 2056 Lugia, and he has not caught fifty he pulls the gun on me or anyone else. It truly is eleven:30pm and even now not absolutely sure what to do tomorrow. No one particular realized him, he isn’t really a normal but even now, he pulled a fucking gun on safety more than a Lugia raid.

The up coming number of times, I’m likely to do solo three star raids. I am extremely, extremely hesitant to do a group raid. Except it can be with only people I’ve met prior to. Not likely to that health and fitness center, ever, which is for absolutely sure. If everything it’ll be removed.

Honestly I never know if I need to contact anyone tomorrow, as a witness, of his steps.

Critically nevertheless, I hope no one particular has to experience a gun getting pulled out, even if not at you. I felt devastated result in I am a pleasant person, observe the guidelines, and had a terrible day I mentioned fuck it and mentioned my tiny piece to the person about trespassing, five minutes prior to he started out down a gun barrel.

The Pokemon Go gamers I know and play with are pleasant and observe the guidelines, but it can be saddening and sickening anyone with a license to have could get that labored up to pull it out more than a game.

Be harmless out there.

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31 Thoughts to “[serious] Gun was pulled out through a raid”

  1. I live in a really good area for pogo. Lots of stops and gyms in view from my house in a really nice loop. The western most edge of that loop is literally the ghetto. Part of my supply route has me walking past projects and mobile phone stores selling tire pressure gauges, loosies, and white t’s. To my east is one of the nicest places to live in the world.

    In a 2 day period last week I went to 2 raids after work to find the police actively investigating shootings. I usually only hear the gunshots off in the distance but every once in a while the violence spills into my neighborhood. I still go out and live my life. If somebody wants to rob me they can have all of my stuff. I’m not going to live my life in fear because some people are shit heads.

    The situation you experienced was caused by a bunch of idiots. A mall manager trying to stop people from coming to the mall? A Security guard breaking up a group of people minding their own busniness? A guy pulling a gun over pogo? You can never predict when a perfect storm of stupid will happen but you can’t let shit like that control your life. Take it as a lesson on how to spot dangerous levels of idiocy and keep on living your life as fully as you can.

  2. My area has a similar nut job. He gets real aggressive and threatens to call the cops. Basically, the dude shows up to raids and starts trying to boss everyone around. They say they are waiting for a few, he says to ignore them and go now. He threatens to beat some up or to call the cops on them and make up something.

    Some people are just way to serious for a social environment.

  3. Sorry that you ran into a nutcase however you should know a couple things.

    Malls are not public property, they are technically private property that’s just generally open to the public so if the manager of a mall has security going around telling Pokémon Go players that they need to leave and can’t play there they can. It’s not a threat like you posted, the guard was doing his job and if they wanted to call the cops on you for refusing they would be in the right.

    I’ve seen a few issues in my area at churches and other places where players don’t seem to realize that they are trespassing once they are asked to leave and actually don’t think they need to leave and cops have been called. I’ve had to delete three gym locations from our raid bot due to this.

    I’m glad everyone was safe and again sorry to hear you had a troubling player join your group. Be mindful of where you’re playing though and if requested to leave a place please be polite and do so, don’t encourage cops being called in response, or argue with a security guard just doing his job. It makes us look bad.

    Edit: Some wording

  4. Unless I missed something isn’t it possible he was just a regular nutcase and not related to Pokemon

  5. You should look into your state’s brandishing laws. Nobody who points a gun at another human being should be living without consequence.

  6. As a general rule, if a business or property owner requests that you leave the premises, leave the premises. You don’t have a “right” to be on private property, no matter how unfair it may seem to you to be kicked out.

    Most of all, you represent the PoGo community. If every PoGo player this shop owner encounters is argumentative, it’s certainly not going to change his mind about PoGo players. Respond with respect and ask if he would allow you to play the game there if you went in to buy something.

    In my area, we’ve been losing gyms because business owners are getting sick of large groups of people taking over their parking lots, leaving trash everywhere and not even buying anything.

    This problem will get worse until PoGo players learn to respect their own boundaries. You do not have the right to play PoGo anywhere you want. That’s all there is to it.

  7. We have one annoying dude. He’s older than any of us playing (he could be father of anyone of us). First he was a solo player, he came to conclusion that he can’t beat high lvl raids so he joined our facebook group.

    He is posting raid that are early in the morning around 9am. Few of us are working till 4pm others on holidays are obviously sleeping till 11am and I don’t blame them, I would too if I wouldn’t work. So he just saying, when no one responds, that we are lazy af.

    First raid we did with him was near one bar, he was sitting there drinking beer and waiting for us. We came, started to battle. One of us didn’t get in the raid (he got soft ban but not spoofing, just loggin in in different phone, different location-gf is living in different country and she couldn’t raid as much as we can). So we exit the raid and tried again. Of course cuz of soft ban he couldn’t get in the raid. So that old dude was starting to get nervous “what are we waiting for, my beer will get warm” telling in harsh voice tone. We ignored it and my friend told us just get in, I can’t do anything, I got softban. So we revived our lost pokemons and told everyone to go in the lobby. Old dude was like “what I have to do now?”, we were like “just revive them and go in the lobby”, he “well how should I know that, I’m old”. Ok fine. We beat it, he was furious that he didn’t get the legendary and left back to his beer.

    I really don’t like someone to bully other people.

    We aranged another raid in the following week. I had my old phone with me, with my boyfriends acc cuz he was at home helping. I arrived 20min earlier than others. I opened the app and location didn’t work, I was 100m from the gym in app. So I restarted few times and others came, I told them. Old dude was like “ok now we are waiting for you and your sh$$y phone, buy another one” I opened my eyes in disbelief that anyone would be like that so I said “I have my good phone, but here I have my bf acc” He just mumbled something. So I said if anything is bothering him, he can freely leave the raid. Now the fun part.
    He aproched me a little and got that angry look on his face “You little girl (I’m 26, but I’m short so ok, a little hobit), you will tell me what to do, if I want I can kick you to the $city name*$.”Woow I thought. “It’s just a game, chill.” I said to him. He replyed “And my time”. So one from the group turned to him “We know each other, wait for each other and have a good time playing the game. If something displeases you, you can go.”
    After that he went quiet. We started the raid and then the storm came forcing us to quit for few minutes due to network error. Meanwhile one guy wanted to join so we said that we will wait. Old dude again aproched us “Are we waiting again” and all of us said yes. He just turned and walk away to his car and drove away.
    And he ALWAYS have the in app music on.

    Other than him my group of pokemon go players is awsome. I just found few new friends. We are going together on raids in another cities, tomorrow we are even going to the big city to catch some kengaskans and unowns.

    (Sorry for long post)

  8. I don’t want to start the whole gun debate thing here, but stories like this are just unfathomable as an Aussie. Yes, we have some gun crime, but we just don’t have many people outside of serious criminals walking/driving around with guns. Glad OP was safe.

  9. That’s insane. I hope you’re ok now.

  10. I’m pretty speechless that something like this happened over Pokemon Go. Sorry to hear about this. I know it must have been scary.

  11. i can imagine how u are feeling now. my first reaction reading the title was thinking a guy pulled a gun in the middle of a raid and threatened players, luckily it was not the case, and out of all the “pulling guns” situations this may be the least frightening, luckily nothing happened. hope everybody is alright there. and hopefully u can get over this situation which i know could last for a bit (have friends who have been where guns have been fired and its not nice).

    just wondering, where was this? like which city/country? i live in a fairly unsafe country and luckily this hasnt happened yet, hopefully it never does, but if it were to happen here, it would end pretty badly.

    this is one of the reasons i try to not argue or fight with any player. also the reason i try not to brag about catches or anything. u never know whos out there or what they can do. thats why if someone says “dont press ok or we wont catch it” i waste my time standing there waiting for everybody. most likely u will get some bad looks if u press ok and thats it. but u never know, someone could pull a gun or a knife, better be safe than sorry.

  12. Honestly it was probably a realistic looking CO2 BB gun, kids here rob eachother with those all the time.

  13. reminder to everyone that not everyone lives in a safe neighborhood like you – some of us face potentially life-threatening danger on a daily basis. If I’m hearing gunshots every day and night, im not gonna be a fucking dumbass walking around with a flashy iPhone while immensely distracted by a game. I’d rather spend a couple years in jail than get shot in the face over my wallet/phone.

    EDIT: obv i try my best to play in safer parts of the city – usually downtown.

  14. You really shouldn’t have set the tone with the call the cops remark. That’s just begging for someone else to elevate the hostility.

  15. I’ve conceal carried to raids, but never seen trouble.

    Worst I’ve seen was a group of Instincts that refused to raid with other teams, and being dicks about it.

  16. tbf I wouldn’t pin this on PoGo. If a mall manager wants to tell certain people they aren’t allowed in the mall, you gotta expect that at some point someone is going to be pushed over the edge by the discrimination.

    The biggest shock though is that I read the title and it didn’t turn out that the motive for pulling the gun was seeing a Blissey in the battle for no other Instincts in the lobby.

  17. I’m sorry but you’re first two paragraphs are confusing.

    You’re talking about the security guard than all of a sudden you switched to this random man, I thought the security guard pulled a gun on another security guard.

  18. Welcome to real life. Lol…glad you ok though

  19. I was almost “that guy”, but only it was a knife and with self defense reasons.

    So there was a group of like 15 of us, various ages, races, and genders. We showed up to do a Moltres raid early on in it’s cycle, so of course there was a lot of us present and it was obvious to any passerby what we were doing. Out of nowhere, some piece of shit goes COMPLETELY out of his way to pull near us, repeatedly call us all homophobic slurs, and threaten us before speeding off around the parking lot of a store near the raid. Now I have anger issues, and his unwarranted free use of targeted derogatory slurs was enough to tip my constantly boiling pot of rage. I pulled my knife in case he came back, but fortunately for him he chose not to. I wouldn’t have even given a shit had he said something like “nerds” or an equivalent, but I don’t stand for bigotry or take threats especially when it’s unprovoked.

    EDIT: Pay attention to the part where I state that he threatened the entire group of us, specifically the person closest to him, with physical violence first.

    EDIT 2: – Where on earth are any of you getting the information that children were involved? This is a suburb and our groups consist of mostly adults. Children are rarely involved, and there certainly wasn’t any of them on the scene. This was literally the only time something has ever transpired during one of our raids.

    – I am an adult and live in the US, and (in my state) am allowed to carry a folding knife at any time and inside of any place, except airports.

    – If none of you would’ve stepped up to defend the safety of the people around you, you’re part of why people think they can get away with things like that.

    – Learn the difference between anger issues/mood swings (specifically those caused by low blood sugar) and complete psychotic breaks, because it’s clear that a majority of you don’t understand how opposite they really are. If you’ve done this (and also read the first edit) but still don’t understand why I pulled my knife, I can’t help you.

  20. Dont lie you cant solo tier 3 raids

  21. have never captured Lugia yet still waiting for mine and moltres once that is the only legendary birds am missing atm like 27 regular Pokemon’s and some rare ones

  22. I recently moved to an open carry state from suburban SoCal, and like my third raid out here I saw a guy with a holstered gun. It threw me off, but while we were waiting for more people the guy was talking with another person about guns. I was freaked out but everyone else seemed unfazed by it.

  23. thanx for ruining it for the rest of us!

    i’ve seen fights because one person took another person’s spoon at a family event. i mean really?

  24. Pokemon Go is just a front for drug and slave trafficking. You fell for it.

  25. If you see this guy again I would try and get his plates and report it to the cops. I’m lucky to not have dealt with thi,s but this makes me a tad bit nervous.

  26. Not to defend the guys final reaction, but this security guard sounds like a real idiot.

    > it’s saddening and sickening someone with a license to carry could get that worked up to pull it out over a game.

    I highly doubt it had to do with the game.

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