This is Super Scarce – WHAT Took place!? – Pokemon GO *GEN two* (LA Special)

It is time for Very first Pokemon GO Gen two Video in LA ūüėÄ ‚ĖĽ Pokemon Spot THE Variation – Pokemon GO Technology two (Gen two) …


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38 Thoughts to “This is Super Scarce – WHAT Took place!? – Pokemon GO *GEN two* (LA Special)”

  1. Hey everyone! Welcome to the FIRST of THREE Pokemon GO episodes in LA! ?

    Prepare for AWESOME wild spawns, LOADS of 10km Egg hatches + MORE! Make sure you hit that "Notify" button (the little bell next to Subscribe) to see my videos FIRST. ENJOY! ??

  2. If you catch it in one roll that's called a critical capture


  4. "Look at that slow running, the shuckle could run faster" i love when Clare is cheeky

  5. im a noby and i got chicareeta

  6. I'm not lying but I caught a wild houndoom

  7. My Ditto from Sentret at Asda by till in wessbrigefurd

  8. Bullbusur Charmander Squurtle my faivrat Charmaner

  9. The song played at 11:26? I can't figure it out? Help?

  10. You pulled a Lachlan and was talking when he got a new Pokémon and it despawned

  11. You are the 2nd best youtuber in the world

  12. Can I have some shout out ex and shout out on next bid

  13. I have all the starters final evolution
    find meganium and evolved to typhlosion and Feraligtr

  14. you could evolve eevee to umbreon with the name tamao and eevee to espion with the name sakura

  15. I got all 3 stage 3 Starters from gen 2 just today

  16. I got a hitnonlee and hitmontop today

  17. I've got all three 2nd gen pokemon fully evolved

  18. what is the name of the song at 11:30

  19. Does clair have the other half of your necklace charm?

  20. u can do names for Umbreon and Espeon. I did that and it works. only once for each tho

  21. I caught a sunkern before I was so excited

  22. can play pokemon go on Nintendo switch

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