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23 Thoughts to “THIS IS THE Subsequent Important POKEMON GO UPDATE! New Battles, LEGENDARIES, Snorlax Celebration + Far more Confirmed!”

  1. You are a cunt I can't get around very well so I can't play Pokémon go I hope u jump off the Santa Monica pier I made it to level thirty the other day and I barely have any time to play Pokémon go

  2. I understand people get mad about the gps thing. but for people like me who can't travel it kinda pisses you off seeing everyone with good ass pokemon. I live in Taylorville, Illinois and there isn't shit here. I'd love to be able to travel and play this game

  3. I cheat because I'm 12 and my mom doesn't have a car. I don't teleport of anything. I just walk to my downtown. I don't call it cheating. Just pokemon go (with benefits) lol

  4. Pokemon GO was created to bomb people :v

  5. "I COMPLETELY AGREE" hangs around st Monica pier all day to catch every single Pokémon and don't have to explore any other place please man, it's easy to say that when all Pokémons spawn where you live, it's not that for everyone cunt

  6. My whole thing is let me know when Mew and Mewtoo will be coming to the game. I don't care about any other legendaries. Give me those two and I will be happy.

  7. this major update will shut up those pesky pokemon go clickbaiter

  8. They need to put legends in the game but put a gym restriction on them… I want my main man deoxys

  9. Are you ever gona come to Croatia

  10. WE CAN PUT A END TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. MYSTIC7 SPOOFING IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Events will be a few hundred people there and a few hundred thousand spoofers there.

  14. I'd like to see your buddy Pokémon be more involved in catching wild pokemon.

  15. wish they could do battles in the wild

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